Top 10 Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to start putting up your Christmas decorations, thinking of your New Year’s resolutions and, most importantly, choosing gifts for friends and family. It’s never easy to come up with just the right presents for the people in your life, especially for those who favour travel and experiences over material possessions, so we’ve put together a list of creative, useful and thoughtful gifts you can get your nomadic loved-ones this holiday season. Here are our top 10 gift ideas for your travel-obsessed friends and relatives.

1. Iconspeak Travel Shirt

We’ve all been there. You’re in a foreign land and don’t speak the language. You’ve repeated your question countless times (each with increasing volume and ever more energetic gesticulation) only to be met with a blank stare from your waiter/hotel receptionist/helpful stranger on the street. It’s clear you haven’t gotten your message across. The Iconspeak Travel Shirt will make sure this never happens again. You’re looking for a phone? Just point to the telephone icon on your shirt. Want to know the time? Point to the clock. Want to know where you can get a cold beer? There’s an icon for that, too. The shirt features the 39 most essential and universally understood icons for precisely the types of information and services a world traveler needs.


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2. Smartphone Lenses

The cameras on mobile phones keep increasing in quality, now allowing even amateur photographers to take very decent shots right on their smart device, leading more and more travelers to shed their heavy DSLRs in favour of using their phones to record their travels. But for someone trying to take their photography to the next level, without having to carry around a bulky bag full of heavy lenses, a phone camera may not be enough. Luckily for them, there is a great selection of quality lenses designed specifically for smart phones, from wide-angle to macro-zoom. Attaching them is usually simply a matter of clipping them on, and being a fraction of the size of DSLR lenses, they are light, portable and won’t break the bank. Check out some great options from Olloclip below:


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3. Manual Luggage Scale

Perfect for that person who always packs way too much. Never again will they have to wonder whether their luggage is over the weight limit, nor will they be forced to do that awkward airport check-in dance of moving items back and forth from one bag to another searching for the perfect weight balance. It’s small, light and portable, and can save you a whole lot of trouble.


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4. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are such a simple concept, yet in our opinion, they constitute a travel revolution. They help make packing more efficient and keep everything organized throughout your trip, especially if you’re living out of a suitcase and need to open and close it often. Keep dirty clothes away from clean ones, ‘his’ separate from ‘hers’, or have each day’s outfit ready in its own individual pack, and spend less time ruffling through your luggage and more time enjoying your trip.


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5. Mini Travel Games

Traveling can be a fascinating, fulfilling and even life-changing experience, but it isn’t all glamour and excitement. It involves a lot of waiting around at airport terminals and many idle stretches on flights, trains and buses. It can be hard to keep yourself busy on a long layover or a transoceanic voyage, but mini travel games can offer hours of entertainment to help fight the boredom in bite-size presentations that won’t weigh you down. Walnut Studiolo has some great options to keep you entertained on the road:


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6. USB Battery Pack

It’s never been easier or more important to stay connected while traveling, but always being online can drain the battery on your devices pretty fast. For those who are often on the road, however, there is a simple solution. USB battery packs provide extended life for your phone, tablet or laptop, and ensure that you’ll be able to connect when you need it most.


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7. Speakeasy Moneybag Scarf

Fashion over function? Said who? Why not both? Gone are the days of money-belts bulging under our clothes and of reaching into your pants to get your cash or important papers. The Speakeasy Moneybag Scarf is a classy and ingenious solution to your safety needs, stealthily storing your passport, wallet, money or other important items in an array of chic scarves that come in many colours and styles. Keep your things safe, and look damn good in the process.


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8. Priority Pass Airport Lounge Membership

Airport waiting rooms are often crowded, noisy and uncomfortable. If someone you love spends a lot of time hanging around at airports waiting for their next flight, then a Priority Pass airport lounge membership might be the perfect gift. It gives travelers access to VIP lounges in over a thousand airports around the world, providing a place to relax in greater comfort or to get some work done during extended downtime, often including food, and sometimes even access to showers.


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9. Pocket Utensil Set

For the more adventurous traveler, the kind who likes to get lost in the wilderness for days on end, it is essential to save space and travel light, but some tools simply cannot be dispensed with. Case-in-point: utensils. A Swiss-army-knife-style pocket utensil set is a convenient and lightweight solution for anyone who lives on the go and can’t be bogged down with heavy metal cutlery.


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10. Cord Organiser

Keeping all your plugs, cables and cords in order while on the road can be a hassle, involving a lot of reaching into random pockets in your bags and painstakingly untangling earphones from mobile phone chargers and the like. Luckily there are a number of smart and convenient cord organisers on the market that make sorting and accessing all your cords incredibly easy and pain-free. Check out the Travel Cord Roll from Brouk and Co. below:


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