Where to Go in October?

Autumn is the perfect season for a short break in Europe and beyond, a time when the flow of madding crowds is put to a halt until the next summer season. Temperatures are comfortable, and natural landscapes take on an exceptional vibrancy in many parts of the world. We got you covered, even if you’re still searching for the summer sun.

Here are few of our favorite picks for October:

1. Turkey

Still warm enough, Turkey is one of the best choices all-around, whether it is majestic architecture, ancient ruins, relaxing beach days, or vibrant bazaars that you are after. The country stands at the crossroads of East and West, bringing cultural elements of both together in a zesty fusion.

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2. New Orleans, US

The sounds of sax and trumpet fill the air in New Orleans, forging its fabled festive vibe. It is a constant celebration of the human spirit, from the ever-lively Mardi Gras and Carnival to the breathtaking historic tombs draped in oak canopies and Spanish moss. It is a city going through a kind of rebirth after the destruction of Katrina (whole neighborhoods are still being reconstructed) but it has nonetheless lost none of its charm, its spark, its magic, its people’s inextinguishable joie-de-vivre, none of what makes it so unique within and outside of the USA. Those who once come to New Orleans are guaranteed to develop a longing to eventually come back.

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3. Athens, Greece

Of all Europe’s capitals, Athens is probably the one that has changed the most in recent years. But even though Athens has become a modern metropolis, it still retains a good deal of its old small-town feel. Here antiquity meets the future, and the ancient monuments form a classical backdrop to a new and trendier Athens – and it is precisely these great contrasts that make the city such a fascinating place to explore.

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4. Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Surrounded by a crystal-clear, deep-blue sea and a breathtaking desert landscapes, Sharm el-Sheikh has developed into one of the most popular holiday destinations in Egypt. Enjoy an all-inclusive vacation at one of the luxury coastal resorts, or go diving around the unique nearby coral reefs. ‘Sharm’ is far more than just a resort town – it is a great spot to learn about authentic Egyptian culture and travel to the neighboring historic and natural sites, such as the renowned Mount Sinai.

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5. Hanoi, Vietnam

The gentle, verdant, historic Hanoi is the sedate, intellectual soul of the country. Its leafy boulevards, serene lakes, and sweeping white French colonial architecture set the scene as tourists and locals alike seem to go about their business at a pleasingly civilized pace. With a distinctly modern nod, the city welcomes tourists from all over the world to enjoy its rich and varied heritage.

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