Blekinge: A Natural Playground for All Ages

Blekinge’s natural landscapes are pure and untamed, inviting visitors to experience them in a variety of ways. Hiking, camping, kayaking, swimming, fishing, there’s no end to the ways you can immerse yourself in the pristine forests, lakes and rocky coastline of this small, yet diverse region. Read more

Alle Blekinges farver

Blekinge byder på en naturlig skønhed i form af vilde skove, blomstrende marker og frodige ege. Read more

Karlskrona: en pärla mitt i skärgården

Karlskrona är ett naturparadis för hela familjen med massor av aktiviteter och möjligheter för camping, vandring och paddling. Read more

Blekinges alla färger

Blekinge bjuder på en naturlig skönhet; med vilda skogar, blomstrande fält och frodiga ekar. Read more

Blekinge: Half Serenity, Half Adventure, Wholly Unforgettable

Blekinge boasts astounding natural diversity, from tiny isolated beaches to the archipelago’s countless islands, tranquil lakes to deep forests, rocky and sandy beaches to babbling brooks. It is the height of serenity and a favorite summer retreat for Swedes. Read more

Magical Moments on Sweden’s Loveliest Coast

You don’t need to go to the Mediterranean to enjoy water sports, island-hopping and private beaches. Discover the wonderful waters of Blekinge, Sweden’s loveliest coast. Read more

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