Fashion Week

New York to Paris: This Fall Fashion Season’s Hottest Bars

The fall fashion season is finally underway, with New York’s Fashion Week in full swing. The world’s leading designers and visionaries are showing off their latest creations on the runway in the Big Apple, and they will continue to do so in London, Milan and Paris over the next few weeks. The truly devoted won’t want to miss a single show, and will thus need to know where to head for drinks and mingling in each of these fantastic cities. What follows are the best and most exclusive bars for 2017’s fall fashion season.

Fashion week

New York

September 7-14

There is no shortage of chic bars and glitzy clubs for fashionistas to indulge during New York’s famous Fashion Week, but one stands above the rest. Boasting one of the most coveted locations in the Meatpacking District, The Standard is one of the most sought-after nightlife spots in the city: a hotel complex located directly above the High Line with numerous bars, restaurants, art expos and sweeping cityscape views. Head to the rooftop terrace at Le Bain for waterbeds and 360 degree views of Manhattan and New Jersey across the Hudson, or enjoy the smooth jazz, sumptuous cocktails and Jacuzzi with a view at The Top of the Standard, one of the most exclusive clubs in New York.

Fashion Week new york

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September 15-19

London’s most fashionable bars make sure to update their cocktail lists with new and imaginative entries for Fashion Week – often honouring famous names in the industry – which goes to show just how important this event is for the city and its nightlife. The Experimental Cocktail Club has long been a favourite among both local and visiting fashionistas, perhaps because its battered and unmarked door is famously hard to find (lending it an air of exclusivity meant only for those in-the-know) or perhaps because it boasts an extensive list of consistently intriguing and delicious cocktails. Located in London’s Chinatown, of all places, the bar’s ostentatious yet welcoming interior and classy clientele make it an unmissable Fashion Week haunt.

Fashion Week london

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September 20-26

Milan’s animated social scene involves great food, fine wine, fascinating people watching, spirited conversation and the city’s celebrated aperitivi, and like most things in this undisputed capital of fashion, it is emphatically swank. Ceresio 7 showcases the city’s stylish nature from its privileged location atop the headquarters of fashion house Dsquared2, complete with a rooftop pool, sweeping views on the city skyline and fine, sophisticated cocktails. Try one of the dry, bitter drinks with Aperol or Campari for the full Milanese experience.

Fashion Week milan

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September 26-October 3

After a full month of fashion’s greatest minds showing off their most innovative creations, there is only one place that could cap it all off with style. Designed by cinema eccentric David Lynch, Silencio falls somewhere between a bar, a nightclub and an art club. Every aspect of the bar has been meticulously devised by Lynch himself, attempting to recreate the uncanny ambience of Club Silencio, from his film Mullholland Drive. The space hosts DJs, live performances and film screenings in its intimate 24-seat cinema, and its unique vibe has made it the unofficial Paris Fashion Week nightspot par excellence.