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Top 5 Travel Finds That Will Have You Saying “No, Really?”

From renting your own island to finding a whole new continent, here are some of our favourite new discoveries and inspiration for your next adventure.

1. The longest train ride

For those who love train travel but think Interrail is not enough of a challenge, here is a serious adventure idea: the longest train ride in the world.

This 17,000 km long journey starts in Porto, Portugal and extends all the way to Southern Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. To cover this huge distance, you can just hop from train to train, never having to use another means of transport. Crossing Eurasia from West to East – starting in Portugal and passing through Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia, China and finally Vietnam – the trip is sure to offer some breathtaking views along the way (and isn’t that the best part of travelling by train?). If you do not take any breaks during your trip (besides the occasional layover), you’ll reach your destination in about two weeks. But then again, a trip like this is not about the destination, but all about the ride.

Solo train travel

2. The most exclusive accommodation

Spending holidays on an island is a surefire recipe for happiness, but the overabundance of other tourists you’re forced to share the beach with can sometimes really kill the buzz.

Good news! If you like isolation, gorgeous nature at your feet – and YOUR feet only – and have a good group of friends or relatives you don’t mind spending a lot of alone time with, we are here to tell you that your dreams can come true: renting your own island is not only possible, but also very affordable. There are several islands you can rent in their entirety on Airbnb (yes, it’s that easy) in Belize, Canada, Norway, Brazil and the Philippines, among others. If you still doubt this is something you – a mere mortal – could ever consider actually doing, here is the best part: it can even be cheaper than your average holiday accommodation. For example, rent this island in Nicaragua for as little as 199 euros per night, and since it can accommodate 10 people, it adds up to just 19,90 euros per person/night. Ready to live the dreamiest holidays ever?

Island travel

3. The coolest gadget

Here is one for gadget maniacs and lazy travelers, or simply those who always catch flights at the last minute: a suitcase that carries not only your stuff, but also you yourself.

Never run through an airport or hurt your back carrying a heavy bag again – instead, ride your suitcase like a little motorbike or use it as an electric skateboard. The Modobag will transport you around at up to 8 miles per hour, while Movpak will amp the speed up to 15 miles per hour – if you have good skateboarding skills, that is. If you are brave enough to try either of the above, we would love to hear what you thought about them!

4. The world’s newest continent

In case you have not yet heard, here is some barely believable news: scientists have recently discovered a completely new continent!

The new continent, dubbed “Mauritia”, is thought to have broken off from Madagascar countless years ago, and has been hidden under Mauritius all this time. It was recently discovered thanks to suspiciously old rocks (3 billion years, no less) found on the island-nation. Of course, you cannot actually visit Mauritia (yet?), but it promises to be even better than Atlantis, for unlike Atlantis, this one is now proven to exist.

New continent travel destination

5. The tastiest experience

If you think wine tasting is so 2016 and are ready to take things to the next level, we urge you to try this: blending your own wine!

Learn about the process of winemaking and the different grape strains, and create your very own combination by blending different varieties. Taste your customized wine and take it home with you; you are sure to dazzle all your future guests. Several wineries in the US, Australia and Argentina offer this kind of experience. If you like wine, surely nothing can beat having one that actually has your name on it.

Travel and wine making