Top 5 Unique Christmas Markets in Europe

Although all the traditional Christmas Markets are unique in their own way, the location or style of some makes them really stand out. Have you thought of visiting a floating Christmas market, or maybe one in a cave? Read on to see some of the most exciting and unusual ones of all.

1. Ravenna Gorge Christmas Market – Under a Viaduct

Deep in the Black Forest, but just a few minutes from Freiburg, you will find an extremely romantic Christmas Market that is located right under a viaduct. Just beneath the Ravenna Gorge viaduct there are more than 40 stalls offering local, handmade Christmas crafts and some fun programmes for children and adults. Visit this market to experience a real romantic and rustic vibe while getting in the perfect holiday mood.

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2. Velvet Cave Christmas Market

Velvet Cave Christmas Market, or as some call it, Santa’s Cave, is an excellent choice if you are looking for an extremely unique Christmas Market this year. Just under the castle of Valkenburg you will find a beautifully-decorated Christmas Market that will definitely give you the Christmas chills with its unique festive atmosphere – in a cosy cave!

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3. Liseberg, Gothenburg, Sweden

If you are looking for the largest Christmas Market in Sweden, don’t try to find it on a street or a square – it is in an amusement park! The second largest city of the country, Gothenburg awaits its visitors with a real adventure and experience when it comes to the holiday season. After you have wandered around the more than 80 stalls located right in the middle of Liseberg, go ahead and jump on a ride to enjoy the real atmosphere of a Christmas Market in an amusement park.

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4. Floating Christmas Market

If you are a lover of rivers and boats, visiting the floating Christmas Market in Vilshofen is the way for you to make the most of this upcoming holiday season. Not only the boat but also the Danube promenade is transformed into a festive Christmas market offering handcrafted decorations and Christmas delights. If you decide to spend your holiday break in Vilshofen, don’t miss the largest wooden manger scene in the world!

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5. Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi (Lapland), Finland

Are you looking for the real winter wonderland? You have just found it. The capital of Lapland, the official hometown of Santa Claus is open year-round offering you and your family an unforgettable way to celebrate the holidays. The elves’ toy factory and the Santa Claus photography service are among the most beloved attractions for children. Don’t forget to also look around on the shelves either – as a souvenir, buy some real Finnish-designed products or send a postcard from the Santa Claus Main Post Office.

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