Sofia – Layers of History Behind a Youthful Facade

Sofia is an intriguing and layered city that always seems to hide more surprises behind every corner.

It is appropriate that a thick layer of fog covered Sofia on the day our editors visited, because the Bulgarian capital reveals itself to guests only a bit at a time.

View of Sofia at dusk

It is also a city undergoing radical transformations. Given ten, maybe fifteen years, Sofia will arise as one of Europe’s top youth destinations. It is emerging from its tumultuous past, marching to the beats of modernity and eager to attract visitors and young talents to help the city explode onto the world scene.

Vitosha Boluevard in Sofia

Some areas have been given a complete makeover: modern Vitosha Boulevard, the main pedestrian thoroughfare, is a pleasure to walk along, and Borisova Gradina, the city’s oldest park, is a green oasis among the urban landscape. Venture, however, off the main boulevards and into side streets and cramped alleys to discover a wholly different city, remnants of the Sofia of a few years back, and visit the historic buildings of the old town for a taste of the city’s past.

Bulgarian gastronomy in Sofia

To gain a deeper understanding of Sofia and its history, we encourage all visitors to join one of the many and varied free tours offered around the city. They provide great insight into the city’s past and present, its food, its people, its pulse and unstoppable energy, and allow visitors to come one step closer to peeling away another layer of the fascinating and ever intriguing Bulgarian capital.

Traditional Bulgarian dolls in Sofia

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