5 Reasons Why Traveling Alone Is the Best

Travelling takes you away, relaxes you, makes you happy… Unless someone else is there to ruin your time! Keep your loved ones at home and embark on the trip of a lifetime, with no other company than your own.

Here are five reasons why it is the most awesome thing you can do:

1. Total freedom

Planning a trip – particularly if you have limited holidays and a budget to stick to, like the rest of us – is never easy: so much to see, so little time! If you add having to factor in someone else’s wishes and expectations, it can turn into a real headache.

Traveling alone, you can plan your whole trip according to what you want to do and your own schedule, but you can also change your mind at any time and decide to do something else without having to argue about it. So what if you are in Paris and you would rather sunbathe by the Seine than go see the Eiffel tower? No one can stop you now!

You and yourself can go see and do exactly what you want, exactly when you want to, or choose to do nothing at all – no questions asked!

Travel alone

2. Meeting locals

If you like to go off the beaten path and always seek the “real” soul of the places you visit, there is a good chance meeting locals is a big thing for you. That is another benefit of travelling alone: people will come to you more easily, and you might discover a bravery you were not aware of yet within you! Of course, this will depend a lot on where you travel, but by travelling alone you are stacking all the odds in your favor! And, who knows, you might end up adding romance to your holiday memories!

Travel alone and meet locals

3. Food

If you are anything like us, food and discovering local specialties are a big part of your travels! Problem is, travelling with other people may limit you in your culinary discoveries: one is not hungry, another does not think trying that small street eatery is a good idea (they might be right, but who cares?), another yet thinks you are spending too much time on food and should already be queuing up for an attraction…

Alone, all the deliciousness or very bad food experiments are yours to try! Added bonus, you can eat the way you want without worrying about what people think: you will most likely never see whoever is there again.

Travel alone and try new foods

4. Staying on budget

You know what is worse than having a tight budget when you travel? Spending it on things you do not actually enjoy, or not be able to choose when you splurge and when you restrain yourself. Or just ending up eating nothing but bread at the end of your trip while your travel companions are going to nice restaurants. In fewer words: seeing your carefully planned budget ruined by other people.

You will rarely have the same budget as your travel companions, and this makes it difficult to keep yours under control. If you are travelling alone however, you know exactly where you are making sacrifices and in what you would rather spend your hard-earned money.

5. Getting some proper you-time

If you want to make the most of a trip to learn about a place, about yourself and self-reflect, travelling alone is the only sure way to do so! Find out just how amazing your own company is – with gorgeous landscapes and breath-taking discoveries in sight.

Even better, if you have a passion such as drawing, writing or photography – or just want to give in to your contemplative personality – you can take the time to enjoy it without feeling rushed by anyone!

Capture the moment the way you want to: it’s all yours!

Travel alone and discover yourself

6. The loophole

You want to have an alternative to travelling alone, but still keep all the perks? Find your travel soulmate! What we mean is someone who will want the same things as you, someone with whom all of the above will not even be worrying matter!

Such marvelous unicorns exist, and you might even already know that person!

Travel alone or with a travel soulmate