6 Awesome Travel Hacks for a Smoother Trip

If airports and planes are not your favorite part of a trip, here are some tricks and hacks for a much smoother journey.

1. Screenshot your boarding pass

Almost every airline now lets you receive a mobile boarding pass via e-mail or text, which means you do not need to carry around pieces of paper anymore. However, you never know what might happen — you could lose internet or Wi-Fi at any moment, or find yourself unable to connect (at least for free) at the airport. To avoid any last minute complication or stress, simply screenshot your boarding pass(es)! You will have them available on your phone at all times (just make sure to keep enough battery).

2. Choose the best seat 

If your airline allows you to (or if you are willing to pay for this service), you can book your seat. A few basic tips are to:
– Avoid the very last row because in some aircraft it has no windows. Although this could be a solution if you are a bit afraid and prefer a surprise landing or are dead set on sleeping the whole trip.
– Book a window and an aisle seat if you are two travelers; you may score the whole row because middle seats are usually booked last. And worst case scenario, the person sitting between you and your travel companion will most likely be more than happy to trade their middle seat for an aisle or window one so you can still sit together.
– Go for the wings if you tend to get sick in flight, that is where the plane is the most stable.
You can also check out this website to figure out which is the best seat in your specific airplane!

Travel hacks for planes

3. Never buy overpriced airport water again

The information is slowly getting out there, but we really want you to know this in case you still don’t. Say goodbye to overpriced bottled water at the airport – they really have been taking advantage of the fact that you cannot pass liquids through security – and bring an empty bottle instead. It will pass security and you can then fill it up with fountain water (or in the bathrooms). If you are tight on space, you can also invest in one of those flat reusable bottles that take up literally none.

4. Get to the lounge

Free food, free booze (in some lounges you can even make yourself a Bloody Mary!), free or better Wi-Fi, appliances… Need we really say more? Airport lounges can feel like a piece of paradise if you are going to wait at least two hours before your next flight.
To get access, check your frequent flyer status or your credit card benefits, you might be surprised what you are entitled to! If neither of these options grant you access, consider buying a day pass for the lounge if you have a long time to wait and are going to spend money on food and drinks anyway.
Maybe abstain, though, if you are in one of these lounges, and in any case look online what you can find about the lounge that you consider buying access to, just to check if it is really worth it.

Travel hacks for flyers

5. Replace liquid with solid

Nevada31 - Copy

If you only have hand luggage but will be gone long enough to need some basic products, some tricks can help you stay under the 100ml limit. For example, you can replace your liquid moisturizing creams or deodorant with solid versions, invest in soaps and solid shampoos or get your perfume in wet towel form.

6. Bring liquids anyway

One way to bring liquids (and beyond the limit) even if you are not supposed to – and without paying for checked luggage – is to come to the airport early with luggage that fits the size requirements of a carry-on and have it checked, for free! Indeed, airlines are always looking for volunteers to put their carry-on luggage in the baggage compartment to avoid planes getting full and having to do it last minute. This is your chance to save liquids and other products you forgot to leave at home from the security check.

Travel hacks suitcase check-in

More awesome travel hacks coming soon in Part 2.

Have a good trip!