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The ArrivalGuides Travel Club: How to Find the Best Rates on Airfare

Looking to save some money on your next airfare purchase? There is a lot of conflicting information out there about how to find the best prices on air travel, and separating myth from fact can be tricky. Here are our tips for finding the very cheapest airline tickets online.

1. Find the best time to book your flights

Although there is no concrete evidence that booking a flight at a certain hour or on a certain day of the week increases your chances to find the best deal, many airlines launch their sales on Tuesdays, and competing airlines quickly try to match those prices. So while there is no formula for finding the cheapest time to book your flights, Tuesday to Thursday is a good bet for finding discounted rates.

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2. Find the best time to fly out

Many flights have different prices depending on when you fly out, both the day of the week and the time of day. Some evidence suggests that if one leg of your trip is on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday, you’ll probably get better prices (avoid Fridays and Sundays, especially). If your dates are relatively flexible, search for outgoing flights by month, rather than a specific date, and see when rates are best.

3. Travel early (or late)

Flights that leave in the early hours of the morning tend to be the cheapest. The same exact route, traveled just hours later, could be over twice as expensive. Alternatively, red-eye flights also tend to be significantly cheaper than flying during the day, when airports are busiest. If you’re an early bird (or a night owl), looking for flights at slightly inconvenient hours can save you a significant amount of money.

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4. Book well in advance

If you know where you’re going and when you want to go, don’t wait to buy your tickets. Though prices fluctuate to a degree, as a general rule tickets only increase in price. Although certain routes might sometimes have flash sales, tomorrow’s price will seldom be better than today’s. Don’t wait for last minute sales that might never come. Book now!

5. Turn long layovers into a quick city break

If your flight includes a long layover (and you’re not in a rush to get to your destination), consider buying two tickets a few days apart and turning your layover into a quick city break. Booking multiple legs on a long-haul flight separately (even on different airlines) might make the total cost cheaper than the direct flight, and you get the added advantage of visiting another destination and enriching your experience.

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6. Join the ArrivalGuides Travel Club

There’s no easier way to get access to the guaranteed lowest prices on the market than to join the ArrivalGuides Travel Club. Members can take advantage of huge discounts and gain exclusive access to insider travel industry rates not only on flights, but also on hotels, cruises and tours, making it a blessing for travelers. Become a member today and start reaping the benefits and saving money on your trips.