Get Hooked in Blekinge

A Fishing Paradise


Sweden’s southernmost part is characterised by untouched nature, quiet lakes and charming forests. Blekinge, looks like the stage set of a fairy tale where you can enjoy the peace and reconnect to your environment. Be enchanted by Blekinge’s serenity and get comfortable in your personal retreat. Blekinge is ideal for sports and recreational fishing and, thanks to its accessibility, is a popular destination for German fishing enthusiasts of all levels of experience. Blekinge can be reached easily from any city in Germany. The drive through the picturesque landscape of Scandinavia alone and the view from Øresund bridge will be worth the trip. Just hop in the car and within a few hours you will arrive at your cozy destination. In Blekinge you can expand your previous knowledge or try fishing for the very first time, be it fly fishing to deep-sea fishing. The fishing waters are incredibly diverse and of exceptionally high quality. According to your personal preference you can choose from destinations with different priorities and difficulty levels.


The types of fish that can be caught here are varied and some of them exist in sizes like nowhere else, so get ready for you Blekinge big bite! Unlike in Germany, you can simply purchase a fishing license for most places in Blekinge and can start fishing immediately without much preparation. The fishing guide company Abel Fishing will give you an overview of Blekinge’s numerous offers so you can choose the best time for your vacation in this fishing paradise.

Superb Salmon & Culinary Delights

Mörrums Kronolax specialises in salmon fishing and is known for its large and heavy salmon, the biggest fish weighing in at 25kg. Visitors from all over the world travel here to test their luck fishing and to explore one of the few places where it is possible to catch salmon from land. One of the most experienced guides working for Mörrums Kronolax is Stefan Karlsson, who will answer all your questions and assist you as a personal leader with his expertise.


An advantage for beginners and those who want to travel comfortably and without much equipment is the large supply of fishing gear that you can rent at Fiskeshopen i Mörrum. You can also book fishing courses to improve your skills or learn the basics of fishing.

The Kronolaxen restaurant is located in immediate vicinity of Mörrums Kronolax and will spoil you with culinary specialties after a long day fishing. They focus on using freshly produced and regional products such as Swedish meat, organic milk and cream from Skåne, Swedish butter and sustainably caught fish. The rich buffet on the weekend will delight you with its delicious selection of fish dishes, freshly baked bread and traditional Swedish dishes.


Brokamåla Gård offers a unique opportunity to participate in a fly-fishing course at several lakes. The offer is geared towards more experienced anglers who want to improve their skills with the help of instructors. The course specialises in salmon and sea trout fishing. From March to September you have the possibility to rent a lake including a private cabin, sauna and barbecue hut. In April, May and September fishing luck for salmon fishing will be on your side, for sea trout the months of September, March and April will be your safest bet. Brokamåla Gård is the perfect retreat where you can enjoy the tranquillity of your surroundings and end the day with a sauna session. There are also a variety of recreational opportunities close by, such as horseback riding, whiskey, wine, champagne and beer tastings and kayak or canoe tours on Blekinge’s largest lake.


Perfect Pikes from Water and Land

Dragsö Sportfishinis located on an archipelago island near Karlskrona, Blekinge’s capital. Here you have the unique opportunity to fish for pikes from an archipelago, which is very unusual for this type of environment. Rent secluded cabins in the great outdoors and go fishing by boat or master boat. Experienced guides, who are familiar with fishing from the archipelago will accompany you on your fishing trips and help you with their advice. A very special offer is fishing from a kayak, which you can try out in Dragsö with the help of knowledgeable fishing guides.


The restaurant Havsviken near Dragsö Sportfishing also gives you the unique opportunity to prepare and serve your personal catch of the day. After a delicious dinner you can relax in the whirlpools and saunas, surrounded by untouched nature.

Pikestrike Sweden are experts when it comes to pike fishing and specialise in land, boat and kayak fishing. They offer the best fishing packages on the Ronneby and Karlskrona archipelagos, which are home to the largest pike population of the Swedish Baltic coast. Gunnar Alström works for Pikestrike Sweden and is considered one of the best guides in the area.


Svalemåla Fiskecamp specialises in pike fishing and is known to catch pike weighing up to 10kg. The high season for pike fishing is May and June and the months from August to October. For the ultimate fishing experience, Vertikalfiske offers 8-hour packages including boat, equipment and an experienced guide.

A Personalised Holiday

Sandhamn Marine offers its guests both the unique archipelago fishing experience and deep-sea fishing, and places great emphasis on guaranteed fun for the little ones. In a child-friendly environment they can try fishing for the very first time. Sandhamn Marine is a private harbour where you can rent cabins and fishing equipment. To make your vacation perfect, there are ready-made packages such as the “All Inclusive Kayak”, which includes all the equipment, a kayak fishing guide and a cabin. Magnus will guide your tours with extensive expertise and will ensure that you are completely satisfied.


Eriksberg Vilt & Hotell attaches great importance to ensuring that your holiday is personalised to your suit all your expectations and offers individually designed packages at personalised prices, which include accommodation, fishing guide and equipment. Blekinge Fiskeguide also focuses on your personal preferences and you can choose from a wide range of fishing packages, each focused on a different species of fish.


If you are looking to enjoy the sound of silence, Harasjömåla Fiskecamp is the perfect retreat in untouched nature surrounded by forests and 23 lakes. Here you have the unique opportunity to try out different fishing techniques and can also learn ice fishing. Harasjömåla offers perfect fishing experiences for everyone, all there is left for you to do is purchase a fishing license, which you can get both locally and online.

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Hallandsboda Bed & Breakfast is a farm on a large private estate, where you can rent a cosy cabin just a few meters away from Sweden’s most popular fishing waters. Relax in peaceful surroundings, experience the real Sweden and get ready for you Blekinge big bite.