It’s Spring Break Time, and Here’s How to Do it Right

The sun is shining again! The time for beach parties and cocktails has come, so brace yourself for Spring Break – and follow our how to guide.

How to: Spring Break the American way

Spring Break Nassau sign

With over 700 paradisiac islands just a short distance from the southern coast of Florida, the Bahamas have grown to be one of the top Spring Break destinations for American students and party-people.
One way to do it, and to do it right, is to party like a pirate in Nassau. Let your cruise ship ground on Señor Frogs beach and start the party right away. Later on, and after enough rum and beer to shame Captain Flint and his crew, you can venture further. Look for one of the many other party beaches around or get started on the clubs and bars in town.
spring break destination

Nassau offers a somewhat laid-back vibe, but the events, contests and general party mood will keep you going whether the sun is up or down. You can also head to the Crystal Palace Casino or even go snorkeling when the party gets a bit much.
If you want to know more about the local bars or wish to squeeze some touristic discoveries into your spring break, check out our fully packed guide to Nassau.


How to: Spring Break the European way

In 2017, Europeans have decided to do Spring Break better than Americans: bigger, louder … and also later. The biggest Spring Break Party in Europe will indeed take place in early June, but the true spirit of Spring Break will still be present despite it being summer. And it’s all happening in Croatia.
Decadent beach parties and crazy club nights await in Zrce, but also boat parties and a Holi-festival. This huge event is the result of Spring Break Europe and Zrce Spring Break allying to create an even hotter and wilder party, gathering the most people possible from all over Europe and hosting the best possible DJs. Secret parties and surprises are also to be expected: this is no Spring Break for the faint-hearted.
Spring break beach party

If all of this sounds like (party) music to your ears, then start by registering here.
To get there, hop on one of the party buses or road trip your way to Zrce – the party starts on the road at many of the checkpoints organized specially for party-goers to meet and get started on the Spring Break spirit.

How to: Survive Spring Break – Wherever You Are


Take care of yourself – drink (and we mean water) and use sunscreen. A LOT of sunscreen.

Take care of your friends – don’t leave anyone behind and make sure everyone knows each other’s number, has the card of a taxi, and knows where you are staying.

Take care of your stuff – always keep a spare (credit card, copy of your ID, any other important document) in your room. Also, avoid taking too many photos: you will enjoy yourself more and limit the risk of losing your phone.

Take… your bathing suit (or several), it’s all the clothes you really need!