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Blekinge: Half Serenity, Half Adventure, Wholly Unforgettable

“Fishing provides that connection with the whole living world. It gives you the opportunity of being totally immersed, turning back into yourself in a good way. A form of meditation, some form of communion with levels of yourself that are deeper than the ordinary self.” – Ted Hughes

The fishing experiences that can be enjoyed in Blekinge know no bounds. From early morning deep-sea fishing to salmon trolling in the legendary Mörrum River to angling for pike in tranquil lakes dotted all around the region, fishing here is half serenity, half adventure, and wholly unforgettable.

Blekinge fishing

Wade knee-deep in one of the world’s best salmon fishing spots at Mörrumsån, take a boat out to the middle of one of the county’s hundreds of lakes, or pick your favorite peer to hang out at for the afternoon. Fishing is ubiquitous in Blekinge, a region with world-famous spots and a prolific variety of settings to admire and species to catch.

Ask any seasoned fisherman about Mörrumsån and they’re sure to get a rush of excitement. As one of the world’s premiere salmon fishing spots, professionals and novices alike have been flocking to Mörrumsån since as far back as the 13th century, to enjoy both the world-class fishing and the absolute serenity of the area, which is surrounded by beautiful oak and beech forests. Salmon season runs from late March through September, but the area is worth a visit any time of year, not least to enjoy the 30-kilometer hiking path that runs along the river, known as Laxleden (The Salmon Trail).

Blekinge fishing

But there is much more to fishing in Blekinge than just Mörrumsån. The area around Karlshamn offers a wide range of fishing options to suit just about everyone, from absolute beginners to seasoned pros. Widely known to be an angler’s paradise, the area boasts a wide variety of species, from salmon and pike to rainbow and sea trout, as well as eels, perch and whitefish, and it has been the site of numerous record-breaking catches in the past. Other areas to check out include Ronneby, whose namesake river runs right through the city, offering residents and visitors alike the chance to catch rainbow trout, and Brokamåla Gård, whose many lakes and typical Swedish red cabins offer meditative fishing in tranquil natural landscapes.

Unrivaled Natural Splendor

Despite being Sweden’s smallest mainland region, Blekinge boasts astounding natural diversity. Its 80 kilometers of coastline hide all sorts of wonders, from tiny isolated beaches to the archipelago’s countless islands, many of which remain uninhabited. And with almost 1,000 tranquil lakes, deep forests, rocky and sandy beaches, and tons of babbling brooks running through the region, Blekinge is the very height of serenity, and perhaps unsurprisingly, its wonderful waters have long been a favorite summer retreat for Swedes.

Blekinge nature

The whole region is also an outdoorsman’s dream: kayaking, hiking, sailing, cycling and camping are all within easy reach, and Blekinge’s natural splendor makes for a stunning backdrop to them all.

To discover this endless natural beauty, venture to some of the region’s fabulous and alluring islands, each with its own unique features. Tjärö, for instance, sports a 12-meter cliff at Korpaberget for adventurous swimmers, while those looking for a more laid-back vacation can rent their own floating sauna for the ultimate relaxing experience. Or visit the Halen Nature Reserve, a popular bathing area in an extensive lake complex with a popular canoe route system.

Another perennial favorite is the Eriksberg Nature Reserve, Scandinavia’s largest safari park, where deer, European bison, wild boar, and mouflon roam freely, giving visitors the chance to admire them on their terms. Tours take visitors deep into oak and hornbeam forests in search of native wildlife, also offering the chance to see the area’s rich bird life, as well as one of the world’s largest stocks of protected red water lily.

Blekinge Eriksberg

A Rich Historical Legacy 

Blekinge’s history is inextricably connected to the water. Karlskrona, the regional capital, is spread out over 30 islands. It is also home to Sweden’s last remaining naval base and the headquarters of the Swedish Coast Guard, as well as the fantastic Naval Museum, which showcases warships, a shipwreck and an actual Cold War-era submarine.

Fishing is thus part of Blekinge’s DNA, and has been ever since humans first settled in the area. The first records of salmon fishing in Mörrumsån can be traced back to Danish King Valdemar II’s census book from the year 1230. For hundreds of years fishing was carried out in open rowing-boats, a practice originating in the 1700s and lasting well into the 20th century, with herring being the main catch out at sea.

To learn about the history of Blekinge, be sure to visit the region’s numerous wonderful museums. The aforementioned Naval Museum in Karlskrona traces the history of seafaring in Blekinge through the centuries, and offers interactive exhibits and presentations that allow visitors to board a submarine and test their naval skills at various learning stations. The Blekinge Museum offers a look even further into the past, telling mankind’s 10,000-year history in the region through archaeological exhibits and astonishing collections, as well as numerous temporary exhibits throughout the year.

Blekinge history

Another facet of Blekinge’s history is on display in Karlshamn, specifically an important piece of drinking history. ‘Punsch,’ a traditional drink in Sweden and Finland and the subject of many 19th century drinking songs, began to be produced after 1733, when arrack was first imported from the Indonesian island of Java. Visit the Punsch Museum to learn about the fascinating history of this beloved drink, then enjoy a cold glass after a typical Thursday lunch of pea soup and pancakes.

History is also alive at Ronneby Brunn, an old spa resort with a 300 year history, which was once Sweden’s most visited health resort, and has today become an outstanding leisure center with waterslides, pools, barbecue buffets, a Japanese Spa Garden and an indoor heated pool. The surrounding park was named Sweden’s most beautiful, a prize it has also ranked for at the European level.

Blekinge Ronneby