VIDEO: Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Eurovision 2018 to Visit Portugal

On May 13, 2017 thousands worldwide watched Salvador Sobral secure a win for Portugal in the annual Eurovision Song Contest. His performance stood out prominently against competition, despite the complete absence of grandiose special effects or elaborate choreographed acts. The refreshingly genuine, tender song “Amar Pelos Dois” (“Love for Two”) written by the contestant’s own sister, Luisa, took audiences by storm and secured Sobral the most votes, making Portugal the winner for the first time since the competition’s beginnings in 1956.


Eurovision 2017 winner Salvador Sobral

Salvador Sobral/ Photo by: Wouter van Vliet, EuroVisionary

As Portugal gets ready to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 (it will be the competition’s 63rd iteration), we’ve decided to make the case for visiting the host country before everyone else does in the coming year. To see why it’s worth beating the crowds and start planning your trip to Portugal now, watch our short video and see that the country’s appeal extends far beyond just a weekend trip to Lisbon. Did you know, for example, that parts of Portugal lie as far away from mainland Europe as 1500 kilometers? There is plenty to see and do on the mainland as well – check out our complete travel guides to Lisbon, Porto and Faro to get an idea.