Exploring Blekinge’s Great Outdoors

In Touch with Nature

With an endless number of activities revolving around nature and sustainability, Blekinge will allow you to enjoy its great outdoors to the fullest while discovering the art of slow and environmentally friendly travel. The area is home to the unique Blekinge archipelago that boasts over 800 islands and is considered a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. There are many ways to explore the diversity of Blekinge, whether on foot, by bike or on the water. You will have the opportunity to step back from hectic everyday life, take a deep breath and listen to the sounds of nature and wildlife around you. A special occasion to dive right into Blekinge’s diversity will come around on the first weekend of June, where ARK56 will inaugurate a variety of connected coastal trails, hiking trails and bike paths as well as kayaking and boat routes.

Experience Blekinge’s Wildlife

Eriksberg Vilt & Natur is the largest safari park in the Nordic region where deer, visors, wild boar and mouflon sheep cohabit harmoniously and mingle freely with visitors. In Eriksberg, you are more than just a spectator on a safari – you have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself into and experience the genuine nature and wildlife of Blekinge up close. Your stay in Eriksberg includes accommodation and gastronomy, with first-class hotels and exquisite restaurants. Another way to discover Blekinge’s flora and fauna is Dragsö’s Camping near Karlskrona. This campsite is all about living close to the sea and offers various activities such as fishing trips and canoeing, while being located only a few kilometres from Blekinge’s capital. You can choose to stay in modern seaside cottages or in your own caravan to get close to Blekinge’s sea life. To make your trip the ideal holiday for you, the company Blekinge Outdoor offers a variety of personalised packages. Packages such as ‘Adventure Weekend’ or ‘Experience Package Weekend’, which include accommodation, equipment and lots of exciting activities. Read more about these amazing packages here.

Explore Blekinge on Foot

Blekingeleden is a trail that covers a total distance of 255 kilometres and extends from Sölvesborg in the west to Bröms in the east. The natural environment of this trail is fascinating, ranging from dense forests and tranquil lakes to the sea. In June 2019 Blekingeleden will be reopened as part of Blekinge Outdoor Festival in Järnavik, with several new trails and routes. The festival programme includes lots of interesting lectures, unique exhibitors and a variety of activities you can be part of. Blekingeleden’s re-inauguration is the perfect opportunity to join the Hikefulness adventure in August and enjoy full board, an experienced guide and Blekinge’s incredible landscapes all together. The tour follows one of Sweden’s most beautiful lowland trails on the border between forest and sea, starting from Brunnsparken. Rest well during a night’s stay at Pensionat Järnavik in a sweet guesthouse right next to the harbour and feel how accommodation and nature come together in complete accord. A weekend filled with outdoor picknicks, a dip in the lake and lots of fresh air lies ahead of you.

Hop on your Bike

Karlskrona is the undisputed cycling capital of the Blekinge area. An endless amount of bike paths run through Blekinge and provide the perfect opportunity to explore the archipelago and its surroundings. Adventurous mountain bikers as well as active families will find the perfect route to fit their expectations and experiences. Many of the cycle paths follow Blekinge’s coastline and offer a view of the beautiful panorama of the region. The most popular cycling routes include Sydostleden and Kustvägen Sydost, both of which encompass wonderful stretches of untouched nature. Sydostleden is a 43 kilometre long bike trail in southern Sweden that allows you to experience Sweden’s diverse nature from the saddle of your bike. Since the south-eastern part of the route is divided into seven stages, it is easy to tailor your cycling trip to your needs. Choose to ride along a longer or shorter section of the route or combine several. There are many stops along the way that are worth seeing and cultural experiences waiting for you to discover. Kustvägen Sydost leads you along the coast past farm shops selling organic products and homemade specialties, cosy cottages and restaurants, focusing entirely on your wellbeing. There are many things to discover along the route, from unusual rock formations to bird watching grounds and small ports reminiscent of this area’s fishing history. Make sure to visit Kustvägen Sydost’s unique shops selling regional products manufactured by craftsmen, ranging from silversmiths to boatbuilders.

Water All Around

Life in Blekinge revolves around being in harmony with nature and is inseparably intertwined with the sea. There are several water activities that you should try while visiting Blekinge, and some, such as motor boats, ferries and sailboats, are even a necessity when travelling in this area. A perfect opportunity to try out water sports and leisure activities is the paddle festival in Tjärö. During the Tjäröfestivalen you can participate in various courses and learn sea kayaking, greenland paddling and much more. There are also different workshops, yoga classes, hiking tours and live music. Spend the night close by at Tjärö Hotell and Vandrarhem. This property will charm you with 18th and 19th century buildings and beautiful garden views. There is an excellent restaurant on the premises that will spoil you with local nutritious and environmentally sustainable food. If you want to set out on your own adventure, Paddelkompaniet offers various canoes and kayaks for hire at their rental in Järnavik. The rental has been around for over 25 years and has also developed an amazing canoe route at Ronnebyån. Discover the wilderness of Blekinge from the inside and paddle through narrow rivers and secluded bays. If you would like a bit of guidance, Olofströms Kanotcentral offers a variety of canoe trips and packages to help you make the most of your holiday. Explore the world of water sports or simply enjoy a relaxing weekend in Blekinge’s great outdoors. There are packages for all ages and experiences, with routes ranging from an hour to a week. The routes are within the Halen area, a nature reserve near Olofström with over 200 lakes and lush forests.

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